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Case Study #1
Rainshadow Labs
The Challenge
Terrible Online Sales

The website was driving very little revenue to the bottom line. Sales were anemic making the site almost worthless.

Really Low Rankings

The site was not showing up for any relevant keyword searches. In the eyes of Google it was invisible.

Ugly & Clunky Website

The site chased visitors away with slow load times, confusing navigation and an antiquated infrastructure.

The Solution

  • Met with business owners to identify goals and enticing opportunities.
  • Designed a beautiful new website tailored on these goals. Implement a new back-end infrastructure that would make life easier for the seller and search engines.
  • Optimized all pages on the website to make them easy for search engines to crawl and rank.
  • Reached out to influencers and offered them quality content driving backlinks that improved the site reputation.

  • New Site Design

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Content Creation

  • On Page Adjustments

The Results


We have enjoyed incredible growth with Gravitate. They really are a partner with us and I recommend them all the time.

Tim Johansson

Tim Johansson

Rainshadow Labs

Awesome Online Sales

The site is selling product like crazy and opening up fantastic off-line partner opportunities.

Great Rankings

The site enjoys high rankings bringing in new customers and driving huge traffic and sales.

Beautiful & Effective Website

A clean, sophisticated site that is enjoyable for customers and easy to manage.

Case Study #2

Hip Hop 50's Shop
The Challenge
Low Sales

Sales were coming from eBay, but not from their own website. They wanted to own, not rent their sales.

Confusing Website

The site was a terrible user experience and very difficult to manage, let alone expand.

Hard to Find

They struggled with little visibility online, either on social networks on search engines.

The Solution

  • Created a detailed strategy outlining a roadmap for growth.
  • Designed a user friendly website and optimized the pages to maximize visibility.
  • Reached out to industry influencers and earned links to the new site.
  • Created massive amounts of content and consistently distributed to the site and around the internet.
  • Tracked site performance, improving conversion rate over time.

  • New Site Implementation

  • Content Creation

  • Blogger Outreach

  • Technical Site Enhancements

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The Results


Gravitate has taken me on a wild ride of growth and sales. I have so thoroughly enjoyed working with their team.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.13.44 AM

Heidi Rosier

Hip Hop 50s Shop

Steady Sales Growth

Each year of sales is stronger than the one before and repeat business is booming.

Intuitive Website

The site is beautiful with a clear layout that makes it easy to browse and shop.

Future Proof Rankings

Earned high rankings the right way so momentum can continue with trained in-house staff.

Case Study #3

Master Muffler
The Challenge
Needed More Phone Calls

Their business depends on the phone ringing. Gravitate knew how to help.

Really Bad Website

The site was old and ready for bed. It made them look rinky-dink and out of touch.

Poor Online Visibility

For a company that has been around so long, the internet wasnt showing them any respect.

The Solution

  • Created detailed strategy for multiple locations.
  • Designed and developed a gorgeous website based on the business goals.
  • Utilized social media to turn fans into loyal customers.
  • Earned high rankings through quality linking and optimization of site pages.
  • Setup and optimized Google Maps to drive phone calls.

  • Brand New Site

  • Quality Link Acquisition

  • Content Creation

  • On Page Optimization

  • Google Map Reviews and Citations

  • Social Media Campaigns

The Results


Gravitate is very different...we have found tremendous success with them. Any company can find success with Gravitate Online.


Bryan Everill

Master Muffler

Phone is Ringing Like Crazy

Most of their leads now come from our organic rankings, in locations around the state.

Great Online Visibility

They show up in Google Maps, organic searches, social media sites- they are everywhere!

Site that Customers Love

Now their site reflects their cutting edge technology, high level of service and fantastic reputation.

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