Caleb Wood

Account Executive

Caleb Wood inspires, motivates and educates businesses on how to elevate sales leads through digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

He has a diverse background marketing for start-up businesses and closing mid to high dollar sales as a Sales Executive. Caleb understands that revenue is king, and sets himself apart from the crowd by reverse engineering marketing strategies from the point of sale. His attention to detail and experience in sales psychology makes him any business owners best friend. Caleb’s #1 goal: enable sales teams to skyrocket revenue and reinforce brand strength. 

Caleb is a diehard Utah Jazz basketball fan and poker enthusiast who isn’t afraid to leverage his fast talking skills to read your body language and spot when you’re bluffing. For bonus points, ask Caleb about the best local mountain biking trails, his Nike sneaker collection, or the time he was thrown out of an NBA home game for asking James Harden to sign his chest with a sharpie.